PC Software Free Download Full Version Windows 10/7/ XP (2018)

There are a lot of people who are looking for free software for a computer or laptop for their own purpose all the time.

A brief description of free software:

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PC Software Free Download Full Version Windows 10/7/ XP (2018)
This post brings some important free PC software which will help you in many ways while you are using your Computer or Laptop. Every computer user should have this kind of free software installed on their machine.  It will help them keeping their file or folder safe with a password, recovering lost data that is unknowingly deleted, dictating drivers that are not present in your machine and also secure your privacy while surfing the internet.

Four completely free software:

Here I am discussing four free computer software (no trial version) that you will download easily from the internet and use it for the lifetime. So, don’t be hesitate, download it and secure your security, privacy, recover your lost data and install updated drivers.

Anvi Folder Locker:

If your machine or computer is used by many people like your father, sister, brother and some of your friends, and you don’t resist them from accessing your PC or Laptop then you must install a folder locker. This application will help you to protect your personal or private file safe from accessing by others. You will protect the folder with a password. The name of the software is Anvi Folder Locker. But you have to learn how to use it first.

A brief explanation about how to use it:

Let me explain a little about how to use it. First of all, you have to download it. It is a completely free software. To download it scroll down and you will see a link. Then you have to install it. After installing you should launch it. When you launch it the software will ask you for a master password which is case sensitive and don’t forget it as it is the key for entering into the folder. You might also set a different password for different folders. If you think that you may forget it then there is an option also, insert your email by which, in future, you will retrieve the password with this email. When everything is ready click add button and secure your folder you want.
The next software is data recovery software which, to my mind, must be installed by every computer user (Especially Windows user). This is also free software. The name of this application is Recuva. If you accidentally deleted some file like photo, video or some most important document, you will easily recover from your machine. There are many data recovery software available in the market but you have to pay for it if you want to use it. But Recuva is completely freeware. If you want to download it scroll down and you will find the link.
Unlike other file recovery utility, Recuva has the ability to restore files from the drive which is completely damaged or the drive is newly formatted. It also restores the file from pen drives or other external drives too.

Some key feature of this application:

The GUI of this application is very simple. It can be run from USB. It supports almost all kind of files recovery. It is lightweight also.

Driver Pack Solution:

The next important software is Driver Pack Solution which is also free software. Sometimes we experienced that our system does not work properly. We found that our WiFi is not working or Bluetooth is not working. We also acknowledged that our video player is not playing videos or sound. We don’t record audio or video. These all problems occurred due to some drivers that are not correctly installed or missing from your machine. You can fix it in a moment. Just connect your internet to the PC and install Driver Pack Solution. After installing click once you will find your all problems are solved with the blink of your eyes. To download the software you need not pay a penny. It is a completely free software. Here in the below section you will find a download link and download it from there. If you want to install it offline, you can do it also. But, you have to download about 17.5 GB file and for this, you need a high-speed broadband connection with unlimited plans. So, I recommend you to use it online as it will scan your machine and find only the missing drivers of your computer and install those files only. This will save your data as well as time too.

Opera Browser:

Lastly, I am talking about software which is globally used for privacy protection. It is too a free software. It is an internet browser. The name of the browser is Opera. You must hear about it. But do you know it provides a VPN which is completely free? Yes, it provides a lifetime free VPN by which you can surf internet securely. No one can trace your activity. Keep in mind that today privacy is the most important thing. Everyone wants to keep their privacy secure. If you want to secure your privacy too, you must use the Opera browser for surfing the internet. But, I advise you not to use it to do any kind of illegal activity as the opera company can trace you easily. So, be careful and use it only for secure your privacy. Here I am giving you a brief explanation of VPN. VPN is the virtual private network which creates a tunnel and the data passes through it with encryption. No one can enter into the tunnel and decrypt it. It is called an end to end encryption.

Opera's New Features:

Here is a good news from Opera’s end for crypto traders or holders. Presently Opera is integrating crypto wallet in their browser. It will help them to save their cryptocurrency securely as Opera is a well known reputed company throughout the world.

My Recommendation:

I would like to tell you something. Please read it carefully. Don’t use any kind of cracked software as it will be harmful to your system and you too. All the cracked software is malicious. It will theft your data silently without your knowledge. Instead, there is a lot of free software developed by some great developers with the intention to help us. Though this kind of free software will provide you with some fewer features it cannot do any kind of malicious activity on your computer. So, from my point of view, use open source free software instead of cracked or patched software.


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